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In the world of domestic abuse, words mean everything. Words and intimidation are carefully crafted weapons that are used in the same way that fists and other objects are used in the world of domestic violence.

But words can also heal and words can bring hope. For twenty years I lost my words while I hid behind closed doors and lived in fear. I have a lot to say about that. I say it for you. I say it for me. I say it for everyone who is, has, or will be touched by domestic abuse. It’s finally time to shake things up.

What It’s Like to be a Ghost on Social Media

SPARKS SPEAKS OUT™ — I reach out and your fingers slip through mine… You can’t see me, but I need to be seen. You can’t know who I am, but I need to be known. I’m not a riddle. I’m a real person. My life is not an easy one. I can’t say it’s the hardest life I’ve...

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5 Tips for Online Dating After Divorce

SPARKS SPEAKS OUT™ — We didn’t ask for it, but here we are… When I last left the single’s scene, it was all about college parties, spilled drinks, and locking eyes with a cute guy across a crowded room. I come back, some 20 years later, and it now looks the same to me...

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3 Ways Not to Ruin Your Next First Date

A strategy that takes us back to when life was simpler. Like most singles these days, I use dating apps to meet new people. When looking through dating profiles, I find it really odd when someone says, “Let’s go have our last first date ever.” I get the sentiment...

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10 Tips for Avoiding AND Escaping Domestic Abuse

Let’s countdown to a safer 2019. For many, the holidays are a time of joy, togetherness, and warm memories made in front of crackling fireplaces. When friends, family, and loved ones come together, there are celebrations, traditions, and lots of presents to open. But,...

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Domestic Abuse Inside the Courtroom

Domestic What? Exactly. There are so many silent epidemics that plague women in our nation, and yet domestic abuse is one that we often still struggle with. We recognize mental illness, cardiovascular disease, and Lyme disease when these strike women. Some are hard to...

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