Sparks in Love

Having escaped her abusive marriage, Susan Sparks shares her story as a cautionary tale to those entering relationships as well as reassurance to those still enmeshed in abusive relationships. Now Available!

Life as a SODA™

SODA™ stands for Survivor Of Domestic Abuse.
I explain it all in my first blog. It is there that we meet.


Directed & Produced by Andy Steinman
Executive Producers: Antoinette Kuritz & Susan Sparks

Susan is my first name, Sparks is not my last.

To ignore the past, or shut the door on my history would be like ending a book in the middle. If my story has a purpose it is to help you find yours in mine.

About the Author

Susan is my first name, Sparks is not my last. For more than twenty years I lived a life that was dark and sad and terrifying.

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Get Help Today

In need of legal advice, a safe place to stay? Here are some resources from the American Bar Association.

Abuse: FAQs

Every person has the right to live a life that is free of abuse, fear, intimidation, aggression, and violence. Do you need answers?

Celebrate You!

What does freedom mean to you? From one SODA™ to another, let’s celebrate you!

Exclusive Preview

Take an exclusive first peek at “Sparks in Love — the real life story of Susan Sparks, the original SODA-POP™”.

Sparks Speaks Out™

NFL Players and Domestic Violence: Accused and Arrested & Still Getting Paid?

Sparks in Love, an excerpt

PROLOGUE: No Longer a Victim


I see her as a little girl. What a great life she had! A loving family, wonderful friends, family vacations, and visits with everyone that she loved every summer. I wonder how she made that turn down the wrong path and why she didn’t see it coming. I see her dancing, smiling, laughing, and twirling around on hot summer days. I see her outside in her backyard playing Frisbee with her friends, swinging on her swing set, enjoying every moment before the hot sun would set.

I watch her growing up. She is becoming quite lovely. I see her kindness, her heart, her love for her friends and family as the cornerstone of who she is. She has talents, too. She can dance and she can sing. She loves to share them with the world. She is a bright light. She is a spark on a dim day.

I often wonder if she didn’t see the warnings because her life had been so blessed. Maybe she didn’t look for danger because she had never seen danger before and she simply didn’t know what it would look like. Maybe, because she was always surrounded by love and goodness she never knew that darkness and pain existed and could one day infiltrate her life.